The Colectible Card Game Art
Randy Asplund

All artworks are © Randy Asplund unless otherwise noted. Please contact the artist for permissions.

     This is the page where you will find art works from MAGIC The Gathering, the Lord Of The Rings card game called Middle Earth: The Wizards, Frank Herbert's Dune, and many others. Most of the art is for sale, and there are prints of many of the images.

NEWS!  The much anticipated Auction of my remaining Magic art is on for later August 2015! See my Auctions page for details!
And:  I am booked into the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix event at Cobo Hall in Detroit, August 14-16, 2015. I'll have a featured area with big displays of original art, with prints, A.P. cards, and more to sell. I sign autographs for free. I'll post a price list for doing fast art on the backs of A.P. cards when I can.
I hope to see you there. I plan to bting my original painting for our 20 year anniversary reunion Art Book The Gathering, a sneak peek at a few images from the sketch cards that went with that project, all of my remaining original Magic: The gathering art originals, A.P. cards,  prints, and many originals of classic CCG's from the heyday of the genre! Click to see the video about The Gathering!

Signing Cards & New Art Commissions:
I am happy to sign cards sent in the mail, but there is a new movement with the artists to be charging for the signatures. It makes a lot more sense than limiting the number I will sign for people who are just selling them. The price is $2 USD for EACH signature on a card or other object. The first one will be free. (Note: There is no extra signing fee for prints or Artist Proof cards).So if you want cards to be signed, you can send as many as you like -with return mailing.

Yes, I will do Original Art Sketches involving my original Magic card themes, either on A.P cards or on other paper, play mats, etc. Just contact me before sending it so we can work out what you want and the price.

 I also do Full Scale Paintings based on the original card art themes, but they are bigger and WAY better!. Please write to me and inquire about pricing. See my commissioning art page for details.

If you click on the card faces below you will be taken to a page set up for just that game.

 Robert Jordan's
Wheel Of Time

The Gathering

Galactic Empires Dragon Storm
 Lord Of The Rings
Middle Earth:
The Wizards

Camelot Legends
Lancelot & Tarquine
Sir Lionel
 Legend Of The Five Rings Battletech


Legend Of
The Burning Sands

Duel For The Stars

 Judge Dredd