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Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund unless otherwise noted. Please contact the artist for permissions.

Each image is 6,25x7 or 7x7 inches on 8x10 illustration board.
Prints available by request $ 20.00
Originals price on enlargement page

Click on a thumbnail below to see a set of cards that I created for the
Collectible Card Game Shadowfist by Z-Man Games.
This is a newer company that has picked up the game from the original developers.


 The Dragon Throne

 For China!

 Infernal Pact

 Inner Fire

 Lusgnan The Fool

 Path Of
The Raging Bear

 Xin Kai Sheng

 Ulterior Motives
 Open A Can Of Whupass
 Final Sacrifice