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Articles On Making
Medieval Book Art

Book Festival ect.

Making an 8th c. Northumbrian Style Book
A page about making the Book of Ecclesiastes as if it were done like the Lindisfarne Gospels. See detailed images of making intricate Celtic designs and Carolingian Binding.

Making the 15th c. style Shiff Book,
A complete Gothic Illuminated Manuscript Book
This is an overview of how I make medieval books featuring images from my Schiff Book and other works. See everything from making parchment through make the binding.
A small taste of my Secrets Of Forgotten Masters Book that is in  progress.

Making An Illuminated Page:
A  Lesson
The process for making a medieval manuscript page cover for the magazine Tournaments Illuminated.

Waxed Tablets & stylus:
How to Make Them

A good outline on the nature and use of the ancient and medieval waxed tablets and the various styli used to write in them. I talk about how they are used and give instructions to make very accurate looking reproductions.

Making Merdieval Parchment
How we make medieval parchment by hand. Join me for pictures of a parchment making workshop I taught in September, 2011. Parchment is the skin of animals used to make the fine pages in most medieval books.

Museum scribal arts tools
This expanding page shows photos of actual medieval and Roman scribe's tools, a museum reproduction writing desk, ink pots, and my drawings of how a writing chair with a writing slope was made.

The Middle Kingdom Scribes' Handbook
This is your PDF Download of the Third Edition, dated 2001. This book contains calligraphic examplars for many medieval scripts, information about antique letter forms, gilding and other lessons for illuminating, and the scroll texts for the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Marry P. Merrifield 1st Edition 1849 Original Treatises on the Arts of Painting... Vol.1
Volume 1
14.9 MB
Marry P. Merrifield 1st Edition 1849 Original Treatises on the Arts of Painting... Vol.2
Volume 2

18.7 MB
Original Treatises  from the XII to XVIII Centuries on the Arts Of Painting...

2 PDF Files

Since so many people have wanted to read more about how medieval paints were made and used, I have decided to put the Google Books public domain copy of Merrifield's collection of Treatises from the 12th to 18th Centuries here. This edition dates to 1849 and is the most comprehensive collection in one place.

Ar 234 Nose Arado 234B-2 and Arado 234 C-3 model airplane conversion in 1/72 scale.
How I took a childhood toy and created two highly detailed model aircraft. Germany's Arado 234 was the world's first operational jet bomber back in the middle of the second World War.