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Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund or Wizards of the Coast unless otherwise noted.
Please contact the artist for permissions.

I have Artist Proof Cards of my Battletech work. See the bottom of this page for information
Click on a thumbnail below to see a set of cards that I created for the Collectible Card Game Battleltech by Wizards Of The Coast under license from FASA Corporation.
Each image is 5.625x7 inches except the Nagas, which are 6x8 inches, all on 8x10 illustration board.

Prints available by request $20.00
Originals price on enlargement page
Artist Proof cards: $4 each (Comes signed and remarked "A.P." in metal ink)
Caught In The

 Naga B
No AP available

Hovertank Detatchment

Naga Prime

 Naga A

Naga D

 Strength Of The Bear
No AP available
Man O' War Prime
Jagermech JM6-00
Jagermech JM6-5

Man O' War
    Wizards of the Coast has done a cool thing for we artists. They produce a set of white backed versions of the cards we have painted for them. That is to say, each card is white on one side, and the other side has exactly the same art as you see on a regular card of the same game. Only the artists are given these cards and the number is very low.  Wizards of the Coast has given me samples of these in Engish. What a collector's item! They are way more rare than the rarest of regular cards.
    I am offering my Artist Proof cards at what I expect is a middle of the road price compared to the other artists. They are each hand signed in metallic ink and marked "A.P." Battletech cards are $4 each. To buy these cards, please see the Store page.