Sir Lancelot Meets Sir Tarquine
Sir Lancelot Meets Sir Tarquine

© Randy Asplund
$ 3,500.00
Acrylic & Alkyd

High quality litho prints available in two sizes:
18x24 Print: $35 Signed & limited to 1000
8x10 Print: $15.00

    This Arthurian tale was created as a joint project with Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures and Atlantis. We produced it with the intention of selling it packaged with a painted miniature sculpture of these two knights on a display base. Unfortunately, the production of the sculpture didn't work out due to painting difficulties, so I am now marketing the print without the sculpture.

Cobblehill has produced a very nice puzzle with this image

Sir Lancelot Meets Sir Tarquine Puzzle

     The story is about a certain Sir Tarquine, a major bad-ass warrior. He sets up a challenge spot at the ford of a river and takes on all comers. His defeated opponents are imprisoned for ransom in his nearby castle, while their shields are hung as trophies from a tree. (If you look closely you will see the coats of arms of myself, my ex-wife, my squire, and other friends! We do medieval battles in full armor at full contact as a sport.)

 Anyway, back to the story. Of the many that Tarquine vanquishes, one of them happens to be Sir Lancelot's brother. Lancelot is also out looking for adventures and finds Sir Tarquine. They challenge and their horses come together in such a clash that both mounts break their backs from the impact!

The warriors go at it on foot, slugging it out until they are both completely exhausted. But such equality of arms breeds respect, and with respect comes goodwill. The two start talking as they fight and are becoming friends, well right up until Tarquine says he thinks his opponent is tremendous and he would join with him to go anywhere, and so great is his respect that only if his name were Lancelot would he ever turn that to hatred...

Well, you'll just have to read it to learn how this one turns out. What, ME give away a spoiler?

Sir Lancelot Meets Sir Tarquine