Card Art Page
Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund or Last Unicorn Games unless otherwise noted. Please contact the artist for permissions.

Each image is on 8x10 illustration board.

Prints available by request $ 20.00
Originals price on enlargement page

 Harvester Pad

 Desert-Rigged Ornithopter

 Name Of The Great Mother

 Spotter Flight

 Fortune Of Al-Lat

 Turn Of Events

6X8" Images




 Spice Harvester

 Guild Highliner

7X7.5" Images

 Smuggler Frigate

 False Wall South

6.5X8" Images
 Storm Damage

 Cielago Distrans

 Lasegun Turret

 Scavenging Warfare

 Scout 'Thopter

 Landing Field

 Surpass Mining Quota

 Spice Stockpiling

 'Thopter Piloting

 Tame Arrakis

 Advance Base

 Sterilization Proceedings

 Regional Assignment

 Drag-Line Outfit

 Prevail In Kanly

 Battle-Rigged 'Thopter

 Cannon Artillery