Knights Of Thunder Me 262, Me 163, Go 229
Knights Of Thunder
© Randy Asplund

Acrylic & Alkyd

I have some high quality litho prints available of Knights Of Thunder
11x14 Print: $20.00

 I was invited to be the Artist Guest of Honor at the 1995 Origins International Game Expo and Fair, held in Philladelphia PA that year. They treated me really well, and inreturnI painted this for the cover of the program book. It was great to have complete control over what was going to go onto the cover. I had been wanting to do some kind of painting involving Luftwaffe jets and rocket planes tangling with B-17 bombers, but when this came along I couldn't resit turning it into a science fiction concept.
Actually, on the models page you can see a rough concept idea of the painting I want to do. It is called B-17 Run. Click

Unfortunately the original art was destroyed in a fire caused by the owner of the gallery where it was up for sale. The jerk wouldn't even compensate me after he got the insurance money. Luckily for the honest people in the world, this gallery went out of business.

Knights Of Thunder Me 262