Randy Asplund B-17 and Me 163 scale models
B-17 F Flying Fortress and Me 163 B Komet
Randy Asplund

B-17 by Revell Models 1/72 Scale. Me 163 Hasagawa Models 1/32 Scale.

      This digital image was created with photos of the sky that I took over Europe, and build ups of my 1/72 scale Revell B-17 Memphis Bell model that I built as a kid, and my 1/32 scale Hasagawa Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet model that I built as an early teen. I did some quick compositing in Photoshop just to see what a full scale painting might look like. This is only to be considered a sketch. I have a lot of details to fix, and the perspectives will need to be fixed.

     In 1994 I was invited to be the 1995 Artist Guest of Honor at the ORIGINS game Fair & Expo held in Philadelphia. The organizers asked me top paint a cover for the program book, but said it could be anything in a science fiction or fantasy theme. I had been interested in doing a painting like the one above featuring the German jet and rocket fighters, so I decided to swap out the idea of American bombers for starship. You can see the result called Knights Of Thunder