MAGIC: The Gathering

Card Art Page
Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund or Wizards of the Coast unless otherwise noted. Please contact the artist for permissions.



MAGIC: The Gathering Clockwork Avian

Clockwork Avian

Prints available / Original NFS

As seen on the Antiquities display box cover, in comic books, calanders, tumblers, and other products!

MAGIC: The Gathering Urza's Miter

Urza's Miter

Prints available / Original NFS
Colors made in medieval paint medium known as "glair," some watercolor,
all done in an authentic 15th c Italian book illustration style.

See A hyper version of this painting done later for a private client
using read gold and real precious stone pigments!

MAGIC: The Gathering Urza's Miter Revised

MAGIC: The Gathering Detonate