Randy Asplund Urza's Miter Revised

Urza's Miter Revised

Randy Asplund
Manuscript Illumination colors and genuine gold on goat parchment.

    What happens when someone calls up to buy a painting that you sold long ago? I hate to dissapoint someone, so I suggested that the Urza's Miter painting could be made anew from scratch, but not like the original, which was painted on illustration board. What about something totally new using the authentic materials and techniques? I told him I could do it on real goat skin, and use genuine vermilion, blue made from lapis lazuli, and green made from malachite. And since the art was not intended for printing, I could use real gold instead of yellow ochre. Well, obviously, he was really excited about that, so I hope you enjoy the results!

Randy Asplund Urza's Miter
The original
Urza's Miter

Randy Asplund & Wizards Of The Coast


     This was created as an illustration for the collectible card game MAGIC: The Gathering. The Urza's Miter card was the only card in the game illustrated with medieval techniques and medieval style. What you see is pretty typical of the 15th century in Italy.

Although the original is already sold, I do have prints available, and Cross Stitch Criteria is producing cross stitch patterns based on this art.