Middle Ages Reenactment Page
Randy Asplund

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     This page is about my adventures in the Current Middle Ages.My wife Ann and I have a great hobby that we share with many thousands of people world-wide. We belong to social organizations that focus on the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We dres in period clothing, we make much of what we use, or purchase some things from others who make them. I happen to do chivalric combat in full armor as a sport like someone else might do boxing or football. We have our coats of arms to identify us and a whole social order. My Wife Ann and I are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the largest reenacting organization in the world. Ann is also a member of a Viking group, a Hospitalers group and a 12th century group back in Sweden, so I have done some fun things with them.

We enjoy exploring the arts and sciences of the past. In academic circles a lot of what we do is considered "experimental archeology." But it is so much more..... In the SCA I go by the name of Sir RanthulfR AsparlundR, a Baron of the Middle Kingdom and Master of the Order of the Laurel.

Sir RanthulfR AsparlundR
Photograph by Ron Lutz II
   This is a picture of me wearing my full chainmail armor and my coat of arms on my heraldic surcoat. The surcoat was made by my first wife Melody, and it is silk embroidery on linen. Since I am dressed in early 14th century gear, my shoulders have small heraldic boards called aillettes sticking up.

My helmet with crest and mantling rests on the ground beside me. The reason I wear a white belt is because in the Society for Creative Anachronism a knight is distinguished by wearing emblems of special rank These in clude a white belt symbolizing purity of soul, a golden chain symbolizing fealty to the king, and gold spurs because a knight is a horseman.

When I make ready for battle I add a pair of steel knee plates that are attached to my padded thigh armor called cuisses. I also wear steel gauntlets to protect my hands from being crushed if they are struck. When we fight, it is with great force, so the armor is real. Our swords are special though. They are not made of steel, but rattan. Medieval touraments used wood or whalebone for theirs.

SCA combat RanthulfR
Photograph by Tom Conrad
   OK, you saw my heraldry. Can you tell which one is me? I have my arms quartered with the barony in which I live. And that's a 9' spear in my hands. You can see our typical swords in the hands of others. In the SCA a knight is someone who has been recognized for mastery of the skills of medieval combat. He or she is actually knighted in a solemn ceremony and expected to conduct themselves according to the best of Arthurian ideals and the code of Chivalry. It usually takes many years of combat training in our Society before one is knighted.

RanthulfR Scibe
     This is me working in the Harbor Master's hut on the warf at the Malmõ Kogg Ship Museum. Sadly the museum was forced to close within a year of this picture being taken. However, the ship was moved and I think it might be at the Foteviken Viking Reserve.

    In the SCA, I hold a second distinction equall in rank to my knighthood. I am a Master of the Order of the Laurel, meaning I was also called before the CRown and elevated to this very high rank in recognition for my work and skills in the arts of medieval manuscipt calligraphy and illumination. Having done a great deal of in depth research I frequently advise both fellow reenactors and academics on these arts. I also make props for film and television. Please see my pages on my medieval manuscript and book arts for more information.

Asplund Wedding

Ann and I were married in a swedish church that dates back to the 12th century.
Of course we had to wear 12th century wedding clothes.