Sailing on a 14th c. Kogg Ship
Randy Asplund

All imagess are copyright Randy Asplund

     This page is about an adventure on the sea between Sweden and Denmark in a reproduction of a 14th century merchant vessal known to sea farer's everywhere as a Cog (in Swedish, Kogg ship). It started as a medieval Market event at the Kogg Ship Museum in Malmo, Sweden. We spent the whole day doing demonstrations
, and I was the scribe in the Harbor Master's hut.The Harbor Master would knight the children, and I would write out a quick scroll with their name on it. Just in front of me was the largest reproduction medieval kogg ship afloat.  When the day finished the museum closed, the tourists went away, and we all climbed on board and headed into the grey seas. Below are some photos of theday. Please also see my pages on making books as they were done by hand in the middle ages.

Malmo Kogg Ship
The Elbogen in Malmo, Sweden

Elbogen Kogg docked
A Hospitaler strolls along beside the Kogg

Malmo Kogg winch
The sailors heave on the stern winch

Magnus working the ropes

Lower the Kogg sail
The sail comes down

The Kogg ship underway
At last, we are underway!

Ann and Sandra on deck as the Kogg sails into history

Kogg 14th c. Soldier
A 14th c. soldier rests at the bow below the forecastle

Me enjoying the trip

My darling wife joins me at the bow

Two kogg ships at sea
The museum owns a second, smaller kogg that was designed for the rivers of Holland.

The tiller of the 14th c. kogg
Steering is done blindly from below deck in the stern. The helmswoman here can't see a thing.
That's the winch to the left. Time to head back home.