Working To Stop Probate Corruption, Abuse, and Exploitation
from Guardianship and Conservatorship
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It's supposed to take a lot of need and proof to take all of a person's rights away, give them to a stranger who hardly ever sees them, and who now has the power to exploit the person for money, right?

Not in the Washtenaw County Michigan Probate Court of Judge Julia Owdziej. And Washtenaw is far from the only county where this happens. The Metro Detroit area has a disproportionately higher number by population of people being put into guardianships and conservatorships. Judge Owdziej and judges from several of the wealthiest counties in Michigan actually advocate politically to further industrialize guardianship and to reduce the accountability of guardians and conservators for the money and property they handle, and to make it easier to put you under the power of a stranger rather than your own chosen family. How did she get elected? Nobody ran against her, and no victims are in a position to complain.


What do you call it when someone is stripped of all of their rights without evidence, without need, without legal Due Process, then the full control of their body and even what they are allowed to think and talk about, where they can live, and who they can and can't associate with, is GIVEN to some stranger; and that stranger can now use that person for personal profit?

It's not a trick question. (Hint: 13th Amendment.) Yes, we're serious.


Why the HELL did our legislators want to put the courts between what should be a private matter between a doctor and their patient?

    We've found a lot of cases which we allege that the Washtenaw Probate Judge Julia Owdziej has been stripping vulnerable adults of all of their rights, often without Due Process, and without requiring the “Clear and Convincing Evidence” of need by law. This can happen in as little as just a few minutes. She relies on judicial discretion powers and doesn't believe she is accountable, so she appoints professional guardians and conservators who are often attorneys in her court, the same attorneys who recommend people for guardianship. Then this judge appoints "for" the person an attorney who will then prevent them from knowing or using their rights to defend themself. The professional guardians and conservators then strip the person of their assets and tuck them away where they can't get legal help. The guardians and conservators make grotesque profits as they destroy lives and families. They say they do this "tough love" for the "Best Interests of the Ward," but really they are doing it for lots and lots of money. That money comes under a legal pretense because they get approval from judge Owdziej. These are actually illegal acts done under "Color of Law." (look up color of law). What is actually being done in this court has NOTHING to do with what Michigan law actually says.

A growing group of us have gotten together to put an end to this criminal activity by seeking justice through the Criminal system.

Have you got Guardianship or Conservatorship problems? Something seems "Not Right?"

There is something you can do about it. We are a group of victims and family members (secondary victims) of the corruption in the Washtenaw Probate court under judge Julia Owdziej and the crooked "Professional" guardians and conservators she appoints.


Please consider joining us as we work to bring them to justice.


To reach us, go through the point of contact: Randy Asplund at (734) 663-0954 or


We ask for no money. You won't have to sue anybody. 

You will not be identified, even to other members of the group, unless you want that. All we want is to know your story and to see if it fits the combined criminal complaint we are generating. And if it does, we'll ask if you will add your story to ours.

We're going for criminal, not civil. That means law enforcement will do the investigating and take care of prosecution. All we would do is be witnesses and supply case data to law enforcement. We do NOT provide legal advice. We provide our understanding of the law, and you can check that to confirm with your attorney.


*Have you or someone you care deeply about been harmed by the Washtenaw Probate Court?


*Have you believed that judge Owdziej made decisions that showed bias to protect guardians or conservators from accountability, and allowed them to act against the best interests and desires of their "ward?"


*Does it appear to you that judge Owdziej ignores the law and/or court process, or even Due Process in order to keep the ward under control of that guardian or conservator, despite the obvious harm being done?


*Does it appear to you that there was never any reason to strip your loved one of all of their civil rights, give them to a stranger who acts like they don't care one bit about your loved one's fate, desires, or life?


*Did they seal your loved one off from you and/or other family members or friends, without any apparent need?


*Did they act to prevent you loved one from contacting people for help, or even knowing their rights to get help?


*Does you loved one suffer abuse, mental or physical, or deprivations of rights which seem unjustified?


*Does judge Owdziej allow that to happen so that her appointees won't be held accountable?


*Do you get the impression that the Washtenaw Probate regarding guardianship and conservatorship is full of crooks, including the judge and attorneys, who are abusing power and discretion to exploit victims, while never being held accountable?

*Did the guardian spend down the victim by ordering expensive extra care services that were not needed, or already sufficiently handled by family?

*Did the guardian put the victim right into a hospital, Long Term Care, Adult Foster Care, or other expensive facility without need, and then claim they had to sell off property to pay for it?

*Do you suspect Financial or Real-Estate Fraud by the guardian or conservator?

*Did the guardian and/or conservator lie to the court about circumstances?


If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, please step up and join us in holding them accountable. We need more voices to make it so law enforcement has no choice but to act. There is a legal means to deal with this. Without you, the abuse and exploitation will continue. Victims and their families are being hurt. Can you let that happen, knowing you could have helped? These are our most vulnerable adults. Many are unable to defend themselves, and their ability to defend themselves was taken by this judge. If not us, then who?

What is Due Process? It is your constitutional right to defend yourself in Court. Look it up.

DUE PROCESS is required under the US Constitution before someone can be deprived of Life, Liberty, or Property. Under Michigan Law there are specific criteria the court must find to have been met before your rights can be taken. Was there “Clear and Convincing Evidence” of need, and no alternative? Did the person have a lawyer? Were they informed of their rights and that there would be a hearing? (Being visited while asleep during recovery from surgery is NOT sufficient), Were they allowed to mount a defense, or even object? Were they forced by the court to take an attorney who refused to properly defend them? All of these things happen in judge Owdziej's court. 

Did any happen to you?

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Stoppoin probate abuse
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Supportive Decision Making Law proposal

This is a legislative solution that needs grass-roots support from YOU!
Here's what is happening
and why YOU and your family are potential victims

*It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor.
*It doesn't matter if you did all the right legal planning.
This is a serious campaign to remove Washtenaw Co. Michigan Probate Judge
Julia B. Owdziej
The page seeks your help and gives reasons why it is neessary to protect vulnerable
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(Disclaimer: This is a page made by a citizen with input from other citizens who are trying to help you, but it is NOT professional legal advice. 

The authors are NOT acting as attorneys by giving this advice. Go find an honest attorney that you picked based on someone's experience, their court record, and on what they fought. Anything sounding accusatory in this writing is still an allegation, but I do not write anything which for which I do not have proof.)

This is frightening stuff.
Did you know that probate court judges think they are not really accountable?
-But they have an Achilles Heel. Let's go for it.

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