(Disclaimer: This is a page made by a citizen with input from other citizens who are trying to help you, but it is NOT professional legal advice. 

The authors are NOT acting as attorneys by giving this advice. Go find an honest attorney that you picked based on someone's experience, their court record, and on what they fought. Anything sounding accusatory in this writing is still an allegation, but I do not write anything which for which I do not have proof.)

This is a page dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of victims of Guardianship and Conservatorship exploitation and other abuses.
It is also dedicated to the many family members who have also suffered while trying to save their loved ones.
It is dedicated to the few honest attorneys and lawmakers who have stood up against the corruption and fought it at the risk to their own careers.

There is nothing so noble as to try to make the world a better place,
and no act so worthy as to give to the point of pain for those you love.

 Beware, there are wolves in our midst......

The stories of Probate Guardianship and Conservatorship abuse and exploitation are stories of regular people who have become vulnerable to  predation by criminals. Some were taken because of age discrimination, some because the court exploited conflict in the family as an excuse, some because they were hospitalized temporarily, and some because they have some form of cognitive deficiency. You will meet a man who has no deficiency at all, and yet he lost everything in a wrongful guardianship. The victims are poor people, middle class, and wealthy because anybody who can be controlled can be a source of income for the unscrupulous.

Victim Stories

Here's a link to the NASGA web page with victim stories.
I highly recommend this.

Right now I have 2 stories ready. Several more are in the works. These will get you started....
Probate Victim 1 Asplund
Victim 2 Bertha Kornicki  
1). Roberta "Bobbie" Asplund. 2). Bertha Kornicki
Probate victim 3 Keegan Gayle Robinson
3). Douglas Keegan. 4). Gayle Robinson

As the baby-boomer generation comes into their golden years,

the number of victims will increase from a great many to numbers beyond imagination.

Will you be one of them?

It's time to step up and do something for yourself, for your family, and for your neighbors.