This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged"Judicial Misconduct of judge 


of the Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her

By the MIchigan Legislature.

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The complaint reasons are lower on this page. Proofs are publicly available as court documents, transcripts and court video recordings. Nevertheless, all statements about judge Owdziej on this web site are to be considered to be allegations until they are proven in court. Statements made here are not intended to disparage. They are offered to provide public awareness and nothing else.
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from Washtenaw Probate Court
Stop Probate Abuse

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under  cover of law,  and with the colors of justice …”   –   U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

    Impeachment is a very serious matter. It should not be acted upon lightly, nor out of anger or revenge. It should only be sought as a last resort, after all other options have been tried.

    This growing movement to Impeach judge Julia Owdziej from the Washtenaw County Michigan has found that the misconduct of judge Owdziej is so great and destructive to the people of the county that the only remedy is removal. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of judge Owdziej and the attorneys she appoints over persons whom she dclares to need "protection," then you already know why this is an important thing to do.  At the bottom of this page is a sample letter that you can use if you wish to contact your State Representative and Senator. Contacts for Washtenaw County/Ann Arbor Senator and Representatives are given.

The most important question would be "WHY?"

Answer: To save families and lives. It's that simple. And yes, it really is THAT BAD. As the movement to impeach judge Julia Owdziej is grows, more people have come forward with their stories of how a loved one, a family member, or  a friend has had all of their rights taken away under the pretense that they needed special protection. To understand the basic mechanism please see How the Probate Scam Works  and the pages of Victim Stories which is being created.

Watch what they do, not what they say.
This author can back-up every claim made herein with direct evidence. Just ask-
And yes, law enforcement has been provided with all of the evidence. Cases on multiple levels are active.

(We can't wait for it to finish. The elderly like my 96 year old mom, need their freedom NOW, not 5 years later)

    Judges are supposed to be the last bastion of justice, and Probate judges are supposed to be working to make sure that a vulnerable person is protected from abuse and exploitation. Judge Owdziej acts to facilitate that abuse and exploitation.. The problem is when a judge like Julia Owdziej decides she is above the law, Due Process and other statutory rights don't matter, and it is fine to "legislate from the bench." That alone would be enough, but that is not the whole story. Because the reason she violates all of those aspects of justice is so she can appoint "professional" guardians and conservators whom she knows are going to strip a person of their estate as quickly as possible without getting caught. Professional guardians and conservators often have hundreds of wards, who they make money off of, and whom they exploit and abuse for profit. Judges like Julia Owdziej are responsible for many of the people in nursing homes on Medicaid who do not need to be there. But that's where you go when you are spent out by the guardian and your house was sold to pay the guardian. Now you share a  converted hospital room in your 9'x9' windowless life and have to go in a wheelchair even though you can walk (liability). And now you are given drugs to make you compliant. If your idea of a life is having no visitors, having few if any of your possessions, little to do, and having a room-mate constantly screaming that she wants to die, then letting judge Julia Owdziej off the hook is for you.

    What makes them "professional?" The fact that they are often attorneys in judge Owdziej's probate court, and she orders that they get handsomely paid from your estate. That's all. There's no other definition of a professional guardian or conservator in Michigan. While appointing the choice of the "vulnerable person" (usually a family member or friend who does it for free), judge Owdziej prefers a "professional" who gets paid at least $125/hour (some guardians elsewhere get over $600/hour!). To do that, the judge has to declare that all of the people the "ward" wants are "unsuitable." If  they don't have something like family bickering to use as an excuse, they literally invent reasons. We have records of judge Owdziej inventing false reasons to declare that no family or friends are suitable.

    But what about the rest of the Washtenaw probate court? Don't they know what's going on?
Sure. Many of the staff know, but they can't talk about it.
The attorneys know. Many don't like being a part of this in order to practice their career. The honest ones can only represent you so far until they would upset the financial exploitation scheme, or they face possible retaliation. Attorneys HAVE been retaliated against for speaking out.
The dishonest attorneys are making vast amounts of money off many wards by charging them for lots of time and by causing litigation. Some are real-estate sellers, and selling off the home to pay for services the ward didn't need increases their profits. Some pilfer the estate's valuables, and some conduct financial fraud and embezzeling. The technique is well documented in South East Micigan and across the USA. All you need is to have a judge in your pocket to make millions of dollars.

Aren't I safe if I have all my paperwork done before anything happens to me?

    Not at all. The author of this page has witnessed judge Owdziej abusing her authority to put people into unnecessary guardianship. If you think you are safe because you had a Certified Elder Law Attorney prepare will, living will, and emergency Durable Power of Attorney papers for you, you are wrong. I've seen judge Owdziej put my own mom into full guardianship and conservatorship without Due Process and without evidence that she needed it or the required medical opinion.  I've seen judge Owdziej tell one old man that he could enter into guardianship, and if he didn't like it, he could just get out. Almost nobody ever gets out alive. I've seen another old man who had all of his papers set up, had good care at a nursing home, and stable income, and had been tested to show he was fully mentally competent, but judge Owdziej tried to put him into guardianship anyway by scheduling a hearing on it, despite no statutory need. The man died before the hearing. I have seen judge Owdziej and I have heard it reported that judge Owdziej just decides someone needs guardianship, and then just asks attorneys in her court that day (who have no other reason to be present) if they have room for another ward. That violates the law of Priority. I've seen judge Owdziej change hearings from what was petitioned to something the petitioner wasn't set up to win. I've seen judge Owdziej appoint attorney fiduciary over the wish of the ward when she admitted she knew the wards choice, but claimed that the attorney whom the judge appointed to rpresent the ward had not put that paperwork before her. 

     The author of this page has full documentation of judge Owdziej's abuse of law, due process and other Constitutional rights. A judge is normally immune, but that immunity goes away when they commit a criminal act in violation of Federal law and as corruption. In our own case, judge Owdziej has manufactured claims of evidence which did not exist, made false statements against multiple family petitioners to discredit them (even my mom's brother, a retired judge, and her niece, a retired Sherif Deputy!) Most recently, judge Owdziej lied on the record to prosecute her own grudge against this author, brought her own witness to testify (the witness lied too), and then did not allow us our right to cross-examine the witness, to have an evidentiary hearing where we could bring evidence and testimony. She didn't allow that because it would show her to be lying. When a Motion for Reconsideration was filed claiming deprivation of Due Process and the Constitutional rights to confront accusers and present evidence, judge Owdziej's Denial Order convenientl left that out and claimed there was no "palpable error."

Did you know that judge Owdziej actually lobbied against guardianship reforms?

    It's true. The MI Attorney General had a listening tour around Michigan and heard hundreds of speakers describe the abuses and exploitation. Lawmakers introduced Reform legislation in May of 2021. So to shore up her power and try to make sure she could protect the exploiters, on 10/15/2021 judge Owdziej co-signed a letter with other probate judges from the wealthiest MI counties where more people per capita end up in guardianship than the rest of the State. What did they want? The letter to the MI. House of Representatives wanted less financial accountability, less accountability for personal possessions and property, the right to ignore who the person wanted as their guardian or conservator codified into law so the judge could appoint whoever the judge wanted, and more money for "professional guardians." Yes, they were advocating for making it easier to industrialize guardianship and conservatorship, and make it even easier to eploit the vulnerable. See the letter here.

How long does it take the Probate Court of  judge Julia Owdziej to strip an innocent vulnerable citizen of absolutely ALL of their Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Rights?

 Approximately 7 minutes for a human being to lose everything they care about in life, including the way they live, their property & possessions, their business & livelihood, and even their family.

* State law requires clear and convincing evidence, but judge Owdziej requires no evidence.
* State law requires a doctor's prognosis, but judge Owdziej does not require a prognosis.
* State and Federal law requires that a judge conduct a hearing with Due Process, that a person should have a legal representation, be able to confront accusers, be able to provide evidence, to be informed of a hearing, and be informed of their rights. Judge Owdziej doesn't require any of that.
* The US Constitution says a person cannot be deprived of life, libertyt or property without Due Process. But judge Owdziej deprives people of all of that, takes away all of their rights, and then gives them to "professionals" who then exploit the person for profit.
* If the family and friends of the person try to take it to court (the victim is SO deprived of rights that they are prevented from their own argument), judge Owdziej backs the people she appointed, regardless of the evidence, and makes sure that the family and friends lose.
* Judge Owdziej makes numerous false statements on the record in order to leave a false impression. This causes you to lose in the Court of Appeals because the CoA defers to the lower court judge to decide about credibility.
* Judge Owdziej cancels hearings or refuses to hold them, and just finds in favor of the people she wants to win.
* Judge Owdziej decides how she will rule on hearings before the hearing or trial happens, even trial to remove guardians for cause. In fact, she is so blatant about it that if goes far beyond what any disinterested, objective person would consider gross bias.
* Watch out, because if you get too close to helping your loved one, judge Owdziej may take it upon herself to come up with some punitive action against you personally. You may get fined, banned from seeing your loved one for the rest of their life, or any other atrocious act.  We've seen it.

What? How can that be? Isn't this America? How does that happen here?

Answer:  Michigan State Law sets up a system (called "EPIC", aka: Estates and Protected Individuals Code), which is supposed to provide for a means of protecting and caring for persons in need of help due to mental deficiency, such as Alzheimers or dementia. But there is a weakness in both the law and our legal system which actually makes an opening for "legalized" exploitation. It is so easy to do, that if a corrupt judge allows it, it is almost impossible to stop what are criminal acts under the Color of Law (leal term meaning use of lawful authority to commit unlawful acts). So corrupt judges like Julia Owdziej appoint "professional" guardians and conservators of her choice, who then violate laws and the person for personal profit. These 'professionals" are often attorneys under judge Owdziej, and are sometimes Realtors (and they will sell your home out from under you and throw you into a Medicaid Long Term Care as quickly as they can -with judge Owdziej approving all of it for your "protection" and your "best interests." Because our judicial system allows a judge to ignore laws by using "judicial discretion," there is no practical  accountability.

    When judge Owdziej doen't care to see evidence, like professional witnesses, a medical report with a prognosis, or even make an effort to have the subject of the hearing come to court,  it violates Due Process. She doesn't take long at all. It's more like "Rubber Stamp Justice" to her. No real consideration of the person's life or true mental capability appears to be necessary. The goal is to appoint people who will strip the estate for profit and prevent the victim from objecting.

 How can that HAPPEN! Aren't our Civil Rights Inviolate?

    According to law, yes. But not in Julia Owdziej's courtroom.
She gets away with this "Perfect Crime" because she isn't accountable to anybody. She has Judicial Immunity and the power of Judicial Discretion on State law matters. She can -and will-  grossely and blatantly abuse judicial discretion by ignoring  law and due process to utterly destroy a person's life. If a judge makes an Order, then law enforcement will follow that Order rather than what the law says.  Your rights CAN be deprived if due process is followed (like when a crook gets put in jail after a trial), but the requirement is that the Court must follow Due Process. Our system does not do well at making sure judges follow due process, and our system trusts judges to be honest. THAT IS THE FAILURE. When you get a dishonest judge like Julia Owdziej, it is a recipe for criminal exploitation, human trafficking, racketeering, abuse, and fraud.

    When a judge does this, your civil rights mean nothing. The worst that can happen to the judge under normal circumstances is -IF- you get to the Court of Appeals, that higher court might overturn her decision (and that won't be soon). Good luck to you even getting that far before the victim dies or all their worldly goods are sold, destroyed, or just taken. You still lose. That's why this crime is common all over the USA. It is most common in the wealthier counties, like the Detroit Metro area. Easy to do, and easy to get away with.

What can we do?

You can do these things (remember, I'm not saying I am an attorney, so this is just from my own experience) :

1)  Write up a solid complaint to the Sheriff's Department. They have jurisdiction over the probate court. Provide all of your evidence. Make the complaint organized, clear, and concise as possible. Go to the Probate Records department and spend your $20 for each hearing to get a CD video recording of every hearing. Show that she was habitually abusing discretion to violate the law, and that her acts were intentional to support exploitation rather than just dumb mistakes and stupid opinions.

2) The only way to get past a corrupt probate court is to go to the US Department of Justice. Access the Civil Rights Division
, and they can pass it to the FBI. Since the judge can do pretty much anything she wants in her court, you have to show it was corruption and a violation of Federal laws, including denial of Due Process. That should open the judge up to Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, Conspiracy (with guardians) to Deprive Rights, Abuse, and Human Trafficking (because rights can only be taken when due process is followed.) This may literally amount to slave trading in violation of the 13th Amendment. And it may be Racketeering when the judge is shown to be conducting the actions in concert with other people, like the attoneys she appointed as fiduciaries.

3) Owdziej ran unopposed. You can't vote her out. And when there is no way to vote her out of office, you can contact your  State Congressional Representative and Senator and ask them, even send them a petition, to investigate and Impeach judge Julia B. Owdziej.


For you to base your letter upon. Please change it to reflect your exact belief. Never state anything which you cannot back-up with evidence or personal observation.

From: _________                                          Date: _______

Dear Representative/Senator _________.

     As one of your constituents, I would like to ask you to please consider supporting what I know to be a drastic and unfortunate remedy to a wrongfully acting court, the Impeachment of a Michigan judge. I do not ask this lightly, and I realize that such action is rare and difficult, but I believe that Judge Julia B. Owdziej of the Washtenaw County, Michigan Probate Court. is an unacceptable source of great harm and destruction to the people of Michigan. I do not believe she acts in the interest of justice or law, but is lawless. I believe that she abuses her powers as a judge to allow fiduciaries whom she appoints out of the attorneys in her court to exploit and needlessly destroy the lives of Michigan Senior Citizens and other Vulnerable Ppersons under the guise of “protection."

     Too often, the persons whom judge Owdziej “protects” are exploited for profit by the professional guardians and conservators she appoints. These acts are supported and enabled by judge Owdziej. They are transparent and documentable. There is no real form of accountability to which she must answer. Even reversal at the Court of Appeals cannot address the underlaying abuse. The victims needlessly lose everything they have, their families are damaged, they suffer abuses, and they lose all quality of life which makes life worth living. Sadly, this happens to some vulnerable persons and cannot be helped, but in in judge Owdzeij's court too many vulnerable persons who do not need to lose all of their rights do lose them by design of the fiduciaries rather than true need.

     Judge Owdziej cannot be removed from the bench by the will of the people. She runs unopposed. The only recourse of the people of the State of Michigan is to remove her by Impeachment. Please support and encourage the Michigan Legislature to initiate impeachment proceedings as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more helpless victims fall to this judge's misconduct.


If you want to send letters to Legislators on various committees you can find all of your Legislators at:  
Michigan House of Representatives       Michigan Senate

Senator Jeff Irwin,  District 18
5300 Binsfeld Bldg, Post Office Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909

Michigan House of Representatives members from Washtenaw County:

Donna Lasinski, District 52

Yousef Rabhi,  District 53
Floor Leader for the 
House Democratic Caucus


Ronnie Peterson, District 54
Phone: (517)-373-1771

Felicia Brabec, District 55
Phone: (517)-373-1792 

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