Star Trek Romulan Doomsday
Romulan Doomsday

Randy Asplund
 $ 1,175.00

Acrylic & Alkyd

    This was a portfolio illustration. I had this idea for a game scenario where another Doomsday Machine as from the old series were to invade the galaxy again in Next Generation times. In this case it is bothering the Romulans, so maybe that is why they were so busy on the other side of their territory for so long. They have had to pull out every warship they own. Even the antique Birds Of Prey that have no warp speed capability. Being heavily armed though, they are a great weapon, so the Romulans have developed a large Warbird style ship with a cavernous opening between its wings where several of the old style ships can be carried. They are thus within the warp bubble of the larger ship, and can be hauled to a site for sublight speed combat.