Randy Asplund Technofish


Randy Asplund
$ 2600.00

Acrylic, Aluminum leaf, Found Objects, Oil & Alkyd

     Technofish is a bizaar fantasy of science. It is intended as a commentary on the thoughtless ghuman behavior of just dumping any and all trash into the sea because it is vast and we think the sea can take whatever we want to put in it. Like an enormous toilet, the sea flushes all things out of sight and out of mind. But what if the sea were to evolve with that trash? What if the sea really did absorb our junk and new life was created?

     The Technofish is a product of that evolution of pollution. To represent it I had great fun dismanteling all kinds of junk, from bicycle gears that needed a lot of cleaning to work with the media to an alarm clock from the '70's, a hair drier, computer and TV parts, etc. It all went into my special texture material and was built up thick in three dimensions. There are also sea shells in this batter from hell. And because pollution goes everywhere, I made the frame integral with the art and the junk is spilling over onto the frame. The technofish itself was gilded in aluminum leaf before painting, so its skin actually reflects light because under the staining color it is also real metal.

Making the Technofish
A detail of the process. Here you see the gilding with aluminum leaf
and the various parts being put into the 3-D background.

Randy Asplund Technofish