Randy Asplund A Race With The Angels

A Race With The Angels
© Randy Asplund

$ 1600.00

12X16 on 16X20
Acrylic & Alkyd

Signed & Numbered of 400:
8.5x11 Laser Prints: $ 20.00

8.5X11 Epson 880 Print Matted to 11x14 $ 18.00 (only a few of these available because I have decided to switch to making them as Laser Prints because it is easier to assure the quality.)

This is Chuck Yeager in the Bell X-1 about to break the sound barrier. A lot of people were sure it couldn't be done, and for all he knew it might not be possible. A lot of guys had crashed.So into the unknown he flew. The angels represent the two possible outcomes. The one representing success is reaching back to help him across the sound barrier.
I did a lot of research on this one. The landscape is painted from images of the general terrain covered by the flight, and I even reviewed video to make sure I got the lighti direction and amount right. I took photos of the actual Bell X-1 hanging in the Smithsonion, and I then built a plastic model that I customized to get accurate.