Randy Asplund 7 Days On The Moon
7 Days On The Moon

Randy Asplund
$ 1,200.00

Acrylic & Alkyd

     This painting was commissioned specifically for Artemis Magazine for their second issue ever. Their first issue was graced by a cover from the astronaut Alan Bean, so you can imagine how great it felt to be put in the same class. The third cover was painted by one of my artistic heroes, Bob Eggleton. Later that year I went to the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. Bob was the Artist Guest of Honor, so he was in really high profile. The publisher had a table with all three covers laid out in a row. When I came by to visit he smiled and told me that mine was the one that most people were picking up first! That was about the most wonderful compliment that a client could ever give.

7 Days On The Moon