The following artworks were created for publication in Rush Limbaugh's The Limbaugh Letter. Although I do not agree with the politics of that publication, as an American I believe that everyone is entitled to the freedom of their opinion.

     For some reason, the magazine wanted to show how medieval they were, so they looked me up. In one of the great twists of irony, I felt that I was exactly the person who could make them look as medieval as they wanted, so here's what they wanted- I aim to please my clients, and this is exactly what they asked for. They actually came out pretty nice, and the client loved them <wink>. The originals are all about 3" wide.

Limbaugh Letter A
Limbaugh Letter Y
Initial A

Initial Y
Limbaugh Letter T Limbaugh Letter L
Initial T

Initial L with logo

 Limbaugh Letter R      
     The initial R was done as a full border staff illumination. Prominent in the initial is the golden microphone. They wanted all sorts of things that would relate to the Limbaugh scene. That meant laptop computer, cigars, a golf cart, a private jet... you get the idea. Rich people stuff. But I guess that's who he speaks to.

     And how does that fit with my idea of being a medieval artist? Well, medieval book artists worked for the wealthy. They worked for Princes and Dukes and Counts. Some of the world's greatest artists worked directly for Royalty. I work for anybody who wants the best art and the best materials.