Personal Illuminated Manuscript Pages
Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund unless otherwise noted. Please contact the artist for permissions. 

     I make personal art pages to commemorate events in your life such as births, weddings, gifts, or Reenactment pages. The images below are an example of one of these made as a personal piece for a reenactor named Hilary the Puppeteer. The work is on goat skin parchment with genuine gold and medieval paint. The page is about 10 inches high. Similar works can be made for you or as gifts for you to another. Please see the Commissions page for more information.

SCA Order of the Laurel Patent of Arms for Hilary The Puppeteer
(Layout emulating a 15th c. Book style)

Deatail of Artist Self Portrait

Decorative Motif Detail

Recipient Hard at Work Portrait With Husband