Battlestar Galactica Models
and Box Cover Art

Randy Asplund

All imagess are Randy Asplund

    I first saw one of these kits when I was in collage. A friend had one sitting on the mantle.But I put my desires away because the university had greater demands on me. Many years later, when my career was just starting to take off, I met the folks from Monogram/Revell at a trade show and they asked me to paint covers for all four kits being re-released.Then they gave me kits to build as reference. So what you see here are the cover paintings with the models I built for reference.

So welcome to the universe of BSG. Where the human race has been virtually wiped out by a race of robotic beings called Cylons. The humans flee in a fleet of whatever ships they can muster, led by the only remaining capitol ship, the Battlestar Galactica. The Galactica can be thougt of as an aircraft carrier in space. It is huge, close in size to the Enterprise D in Start Trek.

The Battlestar Galactica
The Battlestar Galactica Model
    Because the original kit was made with a minimum of parts, the top half and sides were all made in one large piece. That meant there could be very little detail on the side of the hull. I was ready to add that in the painting, but they told me to keep it as in the kit. So I decided to be clever and light the painting from the back so such details would be lost in shadows.

Battlestar Galactica Cover Art
Battlestar Galactica
Acrylic & Alkyd

Battlestar Galactica Box Art
       I chose to depict the Galactica during the surprise attack by the Cylons when the fleet was destroyed. The kit had decals so you could choose to build either the Galactica or any of her sister ships. The red nebula in the background is to give a psychological impression of danger and action.

The crazy thing about this cover is the stupid white glow out the back of the engines. I never wanted that, but after I turned in the Viper cover, they liked it so much that they really, really wanted the same effect on the Galactica. I explained that the effect was a special thing the Viper did and that the Galactica was never shown that way in the show, but they just didn't care. So since I used Alkyd and oil on the painting, I just used water based gouache for the glow. As soon as I got the art back from the company I washed it off! Well, its not the worst innacuracy a model company has done. Wait until you see ERTL's Legendary Space Encounter for Star Trek!

BSG Colonial Viper Model
The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Fighter Model

BSG Colonial Viper Fighter Cover Painting
Colonial Viper
Acrylic & Alkyd

The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Fighter Box Cover
   This is the fighter flown by the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Forces in the original TV show. Unfortunately, the model kit is too cheesy to even have a pilot, so I had to add an "effect" reflection in the canopy so allow the art to correctly represent what is NOT in the kit. They also removed the rubber band powered missiles, which is a good thing because they just made it a cheap toy. Oh, did I say cheap? They retailed at around $18 if I remember. For what you get it would have been expensive at half the price. But alas, it is still original BSG, and that makes it cool.

BSG Cylon Base Star Model
Battlestar Galactica's Cylon Base Star Model

BSG Cylon Base Star Cover Art
Cylon Base Star
Acylic & Alkyd

BSG Cylon Base Star Box Cover
    The Cylon Base Star was the alien robot version of battleship combined with an aircraft carrier in space. Like the Battlestar Galactica, it caried fighter craft which we see launching here on an attack against a Colonial planet. It is also shooting plasma bolts at a city on the horizon. The show was kinda cheesy with chrome robots that wear black tights and despite having fururistic computer lives they couldn't hit the broadside of an office building with their guns if their circuits depended on it. But for 1979/80, it was fun and techy SF, and we loved it!

BSG Cylon Raider Model
The Cylon Raider Model from Battlestar Galactica

BSG Cylon Raider Cover Art
Cylon Raider
Acrylic & Alkyd
$ 1,400

BSG Cylon Raider Box Cover
    The Cylon Raider was flown by three pilots. To this day I don't know of anybody every figuring out why a robot space craft needed a pilot at all, let alone three of them. when they remade the TV series in the 2000's they figured that out and the Raiders were all their own sentient creatures. That absurd blue-white glow is back again on the engines of this box art ship, but notice I wasn't about to have that on my painting. Well, the client is paying me to give them what "they" want, not what "I" want, so I added it temporarily. I tried to make this cover as exciting as possible, with lots of action.