Randy Asplund Bacham Ba 349A Natter 1/72 Scale Model
Bacham Ba 349A Natter
Randy Asplund

Encore repackaged Heller Kit 1/72 Scale

     This tiny model comes packaged with the Fi 103 that is also on this page. I plan to do a painting of this absurd aircraft in combat, but I had made some nice cockpit details, so to see them the canopy couldn't be closed. The answer was to hinge the canopy. I also want to display the model on a launch rail that has not been constructed yet, so the booster rockets, which would have been already jettesoned by the time of the scene in my painting, needed to be removable. I had to make miniature mounting eyes as you see on the real one. The model is not totally finished. I still plan to replace the gunsight and possibly add another straight wire forward of it that appears to have aided in sighting.

     BTW, many people seem to think that the nose dome over the 24 rockets was clear. I assure you that on at least some it was indeed painted. I've seen it in several photographs. The cover painting of the 1/48 scale DML kit (repackaged by Revell of Germany) strikes me as probably wrong. I'm not sure why they would want to make it clear anyway. Its not like anybody is looking through it.