Randy Asplund The Oratory
The Oratory

Randy Asplund
$ 1150

Acrylic, gesso thickened with hand-crushed rock, marble dust,  genuine 23k gold leaf and misc. g

   This is a spiritual depiction of the life of ancient Irish monks. An Oratory is a place to hear the word of God. The dawn splashes light on a new day, but the visible light is echoed by the spiritual light coming from inside the structure.

     This painting has a low releif structure of gypsum rock that I crushed by hand in the studio. This controls the grit level for exactly the texture I am looking for. The sunset gleams with the reflected light off of genuine gold, while accents of other golds in varied hues and layers create a sense of shifting light. This painting looks great in the sunshine, but on the wall reflecting the light from a flickering candle or a fireplace it seems to come alive.