Randy Asplund Lords Prayer in Anglo-Saxon
The Lord's Prayer in Anglo-Saxon

Randy Asplund

Acrylic, gesso thickened with hand-crushed rock, marble dust,  genuine gold and misc. g

    This painting is a development out of the 3-dimensional Whites series, but it is no longer white. The obscuration is now the crust of time and filth and corruption. The underlying art is the representation of the Lord's Prayer, written in the language of the Anglo-Saxons (Old English), using the same letter forms of that time and place, the 9th century. Along the way the page tried to have gold on it to embellish the Words, and the larger version of the script over top represents a desperate shout of the Word that is so loud it is lost beyond the edges. Eventually much of the Word is lost as time encrusts and obscures it with dirt, rock, and dust. But this is the prayer as they knew it.