Whites Series

 Randy Asplund Whites Cambrian

Randy Asplund
$ 1275.00

Acrylic, gesso thickened with hand-crushed rock, marble dust, aluminum leaf and misc. g

     Although in the Whites Series, this painting is also about the story being obscured, but in this case the covering is not lies but history. It is a painting which abstractly represents the sea and sea life in the Cambrian Age. As with the others, t I have added a layer of white on top of it to obscure the first painting. The white covers the rich colors and forms of the blue painting in an analogy to the way time breaks up and erases the story left in fossiles for scientists to uncover and interpret. It is like the white noise of time. The white areas create a beautiful and subtle effect to bring out the texture and harmonize the hues they have been built over.