Whites Series

 Randy Asplund Whites Balkenkreuze

Randy Asplund
$ 1675.00

Acrylic, gesso thickened with hand-crushed rock, marble dust and misc. g

     This painting is a deeper exploration into the possibilities of the Whites Series. In this painting the story being obscured, but not so much as to supress it if you know what to look for. This message can be determined if you look hard enough, but I'll just get you started.

     The story is about how evil starts by looking like a good thing. It hides and it lies. It makes you feel like it is right and benevolent, and then without even seeing it coming, you are infected with it and have become pure evil yourself. It turns good honest people into butchering monsters. In the first world war there ws a famous German Ace who had the motto "Kennscht Mir Noch?" (Do you still know me?).  I have placed this on second world war German aircraft markings and color scheme, and added the initials A.H-S.H.  The A.H. stands for Adolf Hitler, whi promised his people a paradise and then destroyed them along with much of Europe in an orgy of evil. The S.H. stands for Saddam Hussein, whi like a poor copycat did exactly the same thing to his own people. From the first world war through the generations, we have the same evil power rising under the pretense of beneficence. Do you still recognize it?

     No matter how much white is pasted over this kind of truth, the blood of the people will always flow to the surface.