Randy Asplund The Ocean's Daughter
The Ocean's Daughter
© Randy Asplund
$ 3,400.00

Acrylic & Alkyd

High quality litho prints available in two sizes:

16x20 Signed & Numbered Print of 1000: $ 40.
8x10 Signed Print: $ 20.

    Ok, so there I was, snorkeling around the reefs off of Grand Bahama... Well actually, I WAS snorkeling around the reefs off Grand Bahama, and being the dutiful artist I had brough along my trusty little underwater camera so I could shoot photo reference. I had a great time. They were serving Bahama Mommas all the way out to the site, then all the way back. I came home very inspired.

     I have always liked the mythic mermaid, and as a creature of antiquity I had to set her in a fabulous environment that would be representative of a culture as old as history itself. That's how the ruins of the temple ended up on the reef. It was also my desire to depict the mermaid as people in ancient times thouht of them. Frankly, I find it really cliche to drape something over the breasts for modesty, and I feel that the people who get bent about seeing a mermaid's breasts are missing the point. A mermaid isn't about a "peep show." A mermaid is a specific monster from lore that seduces sailors to their doom by using their very femininity. To cover that or play it down dilutes the impact of what the creature is all about.

Randy Asplund The Ocean's Daughter