The Gryphon Stone
The Gryphon Stone

Randy Asplund
$ 875.00

Acrylic, Crushed Gypsum, & Aklyd

    Gryphons figure fiquently in my art. Not only were they a fabulous creature from mythology, but they were also the royal emblem of the Minos (Kings) of Knossos on ancient Crete. They were the mascot symbol of my highschool, and I spent many years playing soccer as one of the Greenhills Gryphons.

     This painting rises almost a quarter of an inch off the panel, made thick with hand ground gypsum rock mixed right into the gesso. A laborious process, it leaves a grit of varied partical sizes that makes the rock seem more natural.  The stone is actually carved in authentic viking design and Swedish viking runes. The language is also viking period Swedish. The text says: "RanthulfR unja ok segun. Thorr vigi thessi koml" which means "Randal wishes joy and blassing. Thorr hallow this monument."