MAGIC: The Gathering

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Randy Asplund

All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund.  Please contact the artist for permissions. 

Inquest Magazine Spoofs!

These images are not the same size as the other MAGIC card art.


Randy Asplund CCG Art MTG MAGIC: The Gathering Inquest Magazine

Power Atog

Acrylic & Alkyd

Atog has been kicking around for 20 years and now he's buff and kicking some ass!
He chews bottle Gnomes for snacks.

Power Atog Magic The Gathering


Randy Asplund CCG Art MTG MAGIC: The Gathering Inquest Magazine

Shelkin Brown-out

Acrylic & Alkyd

The Shelkin Brownie has been around for 20 years to, but he hasn't been so lucky.
These days he just mopes around trying to sell his pencils and get hired for the odd
clean-up job. Too many cookies with that milk I'd say!

Shelkin Brown-out Magic The Gathering Inquest Magazine


Randy Asplund CCG Art MTG MAGIC: The Gathering Inquest Magazine

Serra Warrior Princess

Acrylic & Alkyd

Serra Angel has always been tough, but given 20 years she has become a lean, mean fighting machine!
With a casual toss of her blade she easily decapitates any flying reptile that happens along.
Interestingly, I forgot that she was left handed whenI painted this, so I had to scan it and flip it on the computer
before I sent it in. The original art is reversed from this!

Serra Angel Magic The GAthering Inquest Magazine

Juzam Djinn Magic The Gathering Inquest Magazine

Juzam Djinn Opener

$ 1600.00
Acrylic, Alkyd, & crushed gypsum

The Juzam Djinn has been baking, and look, he has yummy little Atog cookies to serve the goblin children.
Who would have thought Juzam would have matching bake mittens and apron with strawberries on them?
He's a BIG boy!
This painting has a marvelous 3-dimensional texture in the background made with hand crushed gypsum
rock mixed into the paint. The image here doesn't do the painting justice.

Juzam Djinn Opener Inquest Magazine Magic The Gathering