Have Your Own Coat Of Arms Made
With Authentic Historical Paints On Genuine Parchment
With Genuine Gold And Silver
Randy Asplund

     All artworks are copyright Randy Asplund. Technically by law, the image I paint is a new copyrightable expression, so your price includes me granting you the perpetual right to reproduce my version for your own personal family use. If you wish to go commercial with it, you can, and the price will reflect that grant of rights.

     I can make your personal Coat of Arms just like it would have looked in history from the time and place of your choice. I have heraldic knowledge and can create it quite authentically. You may choose your shield shape, and add helm, torse/crown, crest, mantle, supporters, compartment and a motto if you like. You may choose either the richest of materials or you can have me use modern substitutes to lower the cost.  Usually I work on about a 5x7 or 8x10 parchment, but the size is up to you. As with my other art, the price varies by size, materials, and the amount of time it takes to produce the image. I also provide scans on request. Please write for a quote.

Illuminated Medieval Coat of Arms
Arms of Port

Medieval Illuminated Coat of Arms
Arms of Gorsuch

Medieval Illuminated Coat of Arms
Arms of Hunter

Medieval Illuminated Coat of Arms
Schiff Badge

Medieval Illuminated Coat of Arms
Grayhart Arms

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