This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.


Impeach Julia Owdziej

Today's reason to Impeach judge Julia Owdziej from the Washtenaw Probate bench- 

Judge Owdziej covers up false testimony from the side she has already picked to win. Today, I ask you to be the judge. Here's a 10 minute video that will show why the things I have been providing you are true and reasons to Impeach Owdziej.

The perjury of Laura Joslyn of Complete Home Care of Ann Arbor:

That accusation is extremely damning, because it is the antithesis of what a judge should do, and for a judge to be doing this at all is bad, but to be doing it repeatedly and consistently is so obscene that it should be it's own reason for removing a judge. If you cannot trust a judge to even TRY to be fair, then what business do they have being in the courtroom?

False testimony is used to discredit witnesses. Normally it is VERY hard to prove perjury, because you need to have documentation and you need to show that it was intentional, not just a mistake. In this case, I not only have proof, but it is solid proof. It is video evidence. It is corroborated several ways by the witness herself.

1) The witness gives the date. It matches the meta-data on the recording.

2) The witness claims it was her first day on the job. That fact is corroborated by dialog in the video because we introduce ourselves and employment record.

3) The witness claims it was the day she met me. That fact is also corroborated by dialog in the video where we introduce ourselves.

4) The witness describes the event as her walking my mom down to my car. That is clear in the video. I was recording because mom was discharged as "Wheelchair Bound" by the LTC only 2 weeks earlier, and I wanted to have evidence that they and the guardian were lying about that.

The witness also claims that she made a police report.  

What was the lying all about?

The guardian, the conservator, and my brother were working together to try to stop me from helping mom fight their abuse of my mother and the wasting of her estate for the benefit of those three. They had engaged an In-Home care company at double mom's income in an effort to spend her down, despite my wife and I being available to do full care giving. The care my mom needed was very minimal, as you will see by the description given by the witness. She's an unskilled babysitter who does light housekeeping.

In order to “put my mom away” so they could sell the house, they had to spend her out. Therefore, if we offered full help so there was no drain to the estate, that wouldn't work. So the first thing they did was ban me from the property so I couldn't do care giving there. As I kept helping mom that wasn't enough, so my brother filed to have me restricted from contact with mom. Notice that Georgette David, the guardian, is appearing as an attorney, and bringing the witness for MY BROTHER'S PETITION.


I came on as a witness after this caregiver Laura Joslyn and my brother witnessed against me and against mom. I testified that they BOTH lied profusely. My mom was making comments about them lying from her seat. I said I at least had video proof that Laura Joslyn had lied. But I was given no extension to provide it. How could I know she would just totally make something up?

Well, There is a legal remedy for that. When someone brings false testimony which you could not have predicted, and it is instrumental in a finding against you, then you are allowed to file a Reconsideration. So I did that. I wrote up what the lies were and documented them by providing the court with the FULL video of the event described by the witness. I am giving you a link here to the video of the event where ONLY the small part where an invention which I intend to Patent is demonstrated. You could try to claim that the missing section invalidates the video, but it does not because everything Ms. Joslyn lies about is before that section, and by the obvious friendly interactions in the remainder, it is clear that she is not “fearful” or upset, or feeling ANY of the insult she claim happened.

Judge Owdziej denied it. But she didn't stop there. When my cousin and I brought the guardian and conservator to trial for removal, judge Owdziej gave a very long oration about the history of the previous hearings, referred to witnesses discrediting me as if they were many and truthful, but failed to mention the video proof of that falsehood or even acknowledge that she'd seen it. At close of the trial the judge wrote in her final Order:

“In July 2018, this court held a hearing on the guardian's request for instructions and Richard/Karin's petition to restrict Randall's visitation. A home health care worker testified (At this time Roberta was in her home, being provided care from Richard and health care workers.) The worker testified that on her first day on the job she met Randall. She brought Roberta out of the house to Randal so that Randall could take her on an outing. She testified that Randall yelled obscenities at her, said that his mother did not need any care, and what was she doing there? The worker was so upset that she called her boss who instructed her to file a police report. She said Randall was videotaping her.”

The only reference the judge makes to my side of the story is:

“Randall testified that all the negative statements about him were lies.”

In other hearings the judge would say: I had witnesses sitting right there in that chair telling me otherwise! (paraphrased) and referring to Laura Joslyn saying “She has no dog in this fight.”

(Joslyn's “dog in this fight” was that it was HER JOB on the line, and if the doctor's assessments were followed and my wife and I allowed to take care of mom for free, then she and her company would be out a lot of money.)

It's not just this one instance. This is just the easy one to prove. The rest take going through a lot of testimony and documentation, but all of it shows that this judge actually wrote her final decision by glossing over and even eliminating salient points by our side, which we had proved. It also shows how the judge cherry-picked her examples supporting our opponents by citing testimony excerpts out of meaningful context so the judge could create a false understanding on the record, and by misreporting other testimony and documented facts. This is how a judge can abuse their power and get away with it. They simply lie in their final opinion, and voila, it's on the record.

BUT- YOU BE THE JUDGE. Here's your example:

The perjury of Laura Joslyn of Complete Home Care of Ann Arbor:

Impeaching a local judge is a serious matter. I've been giving you reasons. Now, let's give you contact information. On the 21st I sent a letter to Governor Whitmer, to Attorney General Nessel, to the four State Congressional Representatives for Washtenaw County, and or State Senator, as well as the Senators on the Judicial, Seniors, and Family Committees. That letter spelled out concerns, offered a legislative solution, and asked them to support the movement to impeach Julia Owdzeij from the Washtenaw Probate Court.

I'm going to ask you to please consider adding your voice to the request to remove judge Owdziej. The citizens of Washtenaw County and the State of Michigan deserve a judge who follows law and due process. Contact information for our Legislators from Washtenaw and sample letter which you can model yours from can be found here:

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