This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.




Judge Owdziej violated Due Process and several laws in order to put my poor mom into an abusive and exploitative guardianship. And then when mom and her family who actually cared tried to free her in court, judge Owdziej abused her power further by doing everything she could to prevent that from happening. Mom didn't need a guardian. What she needed was protection from judge Owdziej and the crooked attorneys like Georgette David, Joelle Gurnoe-Adams, Kathleen Carter, Sam Bernstein and Patrick Carmody who work for her.

When Georgette David and Kathleen Carter had been racking up huge debt needlessly, and wanted to sell mom's house in order to pay themselves, Ms. David abused her guardianship powers to get Owdziej to make a bogus order to remove mom from her house for mental illness. But mom wasn't mentally ill, and the doctors got suspicious about Ms. David and called Adult Protective Services on her. My cousin and I each filed to remove both Carter & David. Not only did judge Owdziej wrongfully protect them, she protected them after David cruelly violated the law by not returning mom home. Remember the goal of these crooks was to sell the house. Gotta move the old lady out first. So David further violated the law by stuffing mom into a mental facility anyway, under secure lock-down and isolated her from her family, friends, and anybody who might get mom help. Not only was this just fine with Owdziej, but Owdziej violated laws in order to make sure it happened so they could sell mom's house.

We went to the Court of Appeals in June 2018. Our case still hasn't been heard.

Where is Bobbie Asplund? She's in Glastonbury Adult Foster Care in Ann Arbor, where apparently it is OK for staff not to wear masks and gloves (video evidence). She isn't even allowed by Ms. David to send mail, get her regular mail, have a phone, and even before covid she couldn't have any visitors or contact with the outside world that Ms. David didn't approve. She couldn't even go to church. Folks, that is NOT the way guardianship works by lawful practice. That's what a crook does when she tries to quash a witness. My mom lost everything.

How would you feel if that happened to you, and you knew you could live happily and be appropriately cared for by your family at home? Would you get depressed? Would you give up? Would you feel like you had been shunned and shut away by society? What would you have to live for?

And they don't live. Isolation causes all of this, and it causes mental break-down because of lack of stimulus. Isolation imitates dementia, but it isn't dementia. My mom spoke out in court that she feels like a prisoner. SHE IS. My mom spoke out in court that she had been excommunicated from society. SHE HAS BEEN. Isolation causes the victims to die much sooner than they normally would. Look it up.

Judge Julia Owdziej is just fine with that. Her latest bullshit ruling was to deny appointing the pastor of a large Ann Arbor Church to be an objective, skilled and unbiased person to determine the “visitation” policy for my mom. This law (MCL 700.5306(6) was specifically written to stop abusive guardians like Georgette David from isolating the people they are supposed to protect. Owdziej has read the pleadings, seen the guardian's written policy of isolation and deprivations of statutory and civil rights, she knew people were being denied visitation, and she is fully aware that David has a conflict of interest because she is in litigation to be removed for cause. What was Owdziej's ruling? NO MERITS!

So really people, we MUST get rid of Owdziej. She is a monster who supports and enables emotional and mental torture in order to allow her crooked appointees to rob people. It's just that simple.


And she is 94-1/2 years old. How long must she wait??????

I'm going to ask you to please consider adding your voice to the request to remove judge Owdziej. The citizens of Washtenaw County and the State of Michigan deserve a judge who follows law and due process. Contact information for our Legislators from Washtenaw and sample letter which you can model yours from can be found here:

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