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Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.


These are actual quotes from my mom, the victim of the court of judge Julia Owdziej. At the time, she is housed in what she considers a prison (rather than her home, where she belongs). It's a lockdown mental facility so the guardian and the judge can keep her from getting proper legal representation. She has no medical or mental need for hospitalization, and was put there without diagnosis or a hearing. She is begging not to have her life ripped from her and everything she cared about destroyed-

Judge: Julia Owdziej

Court appointed attorney: Patrick Carmody

Guardian: Georgette David

Conservator: Kathleen Carter

NOTE: At this time, the guardian and conservator are on trial to be removed for Cause based on allegations of Real Estate and Financial Fraud, Wrongful Imprisonment, and Falsifying a Metal Illness petition. The Conservator has not even filed for permission to sell the house -yet, but judge Owdziej is giving her permission to waste everything in Roberta's home just to get it empty for the sale she will approve regardless of the merits of the case. YES! That's right. The outcome of the trial was decided before it ever began. And that is one of many reasons how Owdziej's own acts prove that she is corrupt.

1/28/2019: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND:: “Well, my whole thing about this is I’ve felt like my doctor, my own private medical doctor who knew more about me than anybody of a guardian who just has not had that personal relationship with me, that she -- when she thought that I was doing all right and the other things were, that I felt like I was being discharged way last January, and I feel like I’ve been in jail for a whole year because I’ve not been allowed to see my family a lot of the time, and not had any -- I had all of my savings and everything taken away from my being in charge of it, and that was a big shock to me that I should have served this county, in this state, in this nation for so many years and had to put up with somebody taking over everything including my ability to see my older son, the one that was my first child. Even on my birthday I would only see him for what, three to four hours all together including the traffic. So, I have had very major decisions about how our relationship with our system with the jails and police have been really put down seniors so that I’ve been doing -- working on a researching project to help seniors with a number of health problems mainly, but other things that are included. That’s what I’ve been doing with my time for the last year.”

1/28/2019: p.64,L.9: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “They were terrible to me. They were hurting me. She was putting her foot against the door. I’m talking about the caregivers.”

MR. CARMODY: “You’re not supposed to talk at all.”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “It was a bad experience. I was there it was terrible. Caregivers are not supposed to treat anybody like that.”

2/4/2019: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “And, I’ve spent my whole last year in confinement of all the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

THE COURT: “Okay. We can’t talk about that, but we can talk about your birthday and what you have planned for your birthday.”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “Yeah, I want to be home, not just for my birthday but -- “

THE COURT: “Okay. That’s -- that’s more than we can chat about when the other folks aren’t here.”

2/4/2019: p.102,L.13: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “What I’d like to know is am I going to get to see my son today? It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to talk with him.”

THE COURT: “Right now what I’m going to do is get you something to eat for lunch. So, we’re going to take a lunch break and we’ll come back at 12:45. Thank you, sir.”

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: “Do I get to have lunch with her?”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “I have been incognito in all of this. I’ve not been able to express my opinions and have it make any difference.”

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: “And, why am I being prevented from seeing her at all?”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “And, I feel like I have lost my citizenship in the United States.”

THE COURT: “We’re in the middle of a witness, ma’am, so we’re going to finish the witness before we get to other witnesses.”

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: “Your Honor --”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “I can’t stand this. “

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: “-- what reason is there that I can’t talk to my mother?”

(There was no answer)

2/19/2019: p.94,L.1: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “This is making me sick. I can’t stand that. This is a year old, a year since I have lost my freedom to be a citizen of the United States. I can’t stand it. Are you being fair? I can’t stand it.”

2019-4-1: p.27, L23: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “Can I have a comment? I want to know who’s going to pay for all this? I don’t think I should have to pay for it. Do I not have a chance today even?”

MR. CARMODY: “No, no.”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “So I have to be in prison another month? I am without my rights. The law is not the answer, it’s public health.”

MR. CARMODY: “You don’t want to listen to what I have to say? Is that what you’re telling me?”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “You know, your opinion of the law and mine is different. I believe in the righteous and true representation.”

2019-4-1: p.28,L22: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “If I had been murdering somebody or something I wouldn’t be treated like this. Why am I being treated like this, huh? Why don’t I have any rights? That’s what we’ve got to get after, the rights of individuals in this community who believe what doctors say, that I don’t need a guardian.”

2/19/2019: p.100,L.12: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “I have rights and I’m not getting them, right here in this courtroom. Were those remarks of the guardian? Guardian of what? She doesn’t have medical background at all herself.”

THE COURT: “Anything else Ms. David?”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “In prison for over a year, can you imagine that?”

MS. DAVID: “I have no further questions, Your Honor.”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND (to CARMODY): “You’re not speaking up for me.”

5/20/2019: p.94,L16: (Regarding selling her house): MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “What about me? What about my thoughts and how I feel. I don’t want to sell it. We can't do it without it!”

5/20/2018: p.97,L7: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “It can’t hurt, they’ve killed my life. They’ve already done that.”

5/20/2019: p.92,L18: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “God, where’s your heart?”

5/20/2019: p.122,L22: Regarding Kathleen Carter emptying her home and throwing away her things: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “What about me? That’s what I can’t understand. God is she a cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel person.”

5/20/2019: p.150,L.13: MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND:“Has she sold my property? My furniture?”

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: “-- and there were several that were broken that were put into the dumpster.”

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: “Oh, how heartbreaking. How cruel. That’s what I’m hearing from these other people. They’re being taken advantage of all over the place.”

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