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Today: How a judge sets up a situation where her victims cannot defend themselves-

If you want to run a crooked court, you need crooked stooges. Last time I wrote about judge Owdziej appointing an attorney, Sam Bernstein, who then threw the case of his client to keep her under the chosen guardian and conservator. But that guy couldn't hold a candle to Patrick Carmody. When the first conservator (Joelle Gurnoe-Adams) resigned, Carmody's client still wanted her son to be appointed as replacement conservator, as was her legal right of priority. Did Carmody file for that? No. And judge Owdziej used that excuse as a reason not to follow the law which said mom had the priority to nominate her choice. And judge Owdziej admitted the law and that she knew Roberta Asplund's wishes! WTF?

When presented with evidence on a court Report of a Physician by his client's doctor of many years, evidence which indicated strong doubt that his client was mentally incapacitated (which BTW is ALL that is required to get out of guardianship according to the law), Carmody blew it off. He told me that judge Owdziej would never accept that. She would only listen to her pre-approved doctors (which is NOT what the law says). Carmody then set up an$1800 exam with one of these chosen few, not even an MD. And he knew that his client also had an up-coming exam at the UofM's Turner Geriatric Neurology Clinic (which assessed consistently with not being mentally incapacitated) before court happened. Apparently, those U of M Geriatric Neurological doctors would also be insufficient for judge Owdziej, and so Carmody refused to enter ANY of the three U of Michigan doctor's opinions! He knew who butters his bread. Heck, since 2017, judge Owdziej has tossed him over 400 cases. She's his paycheck!

Carmody then acted against his client's interests again, and in favor of the opposition to what his client wanted, in hearing after hearing. In fact, he is even seen on court room video talking strategy with guardian Georgette David to help her defend herself in the case to remove her FOR CAUSE. His client wanted her out, and wanted her family to win the case. In fact, she originally asked for the case to happen! But Carmody played the stooge well. And this was all just fine with judge Owdziej. Far be it for her to allow justice or due process to get in her way.

In hearing after hearing Carmody's client, my mom would try to get to speak to the lies and abuses she was suffering. Carmody, let it all slide and tried to get her to shut-up. She told the court that she didn't approve of him, and that his idea of law and hers were very different. She tried to fire Carmody. She hand-wrote one letter to the judge and one to him, which asked for his discharge. Not only did the judge refuse, but Owdziej insisted that my mom must continue to have him as her lawyer. She even reappointed him much later! That must have been after she figured out that we knew he was acting as her attorney without actually being appointed.

You see, the time of a lawyer's “appearance” ends when the time to appeal a final order ends. That happened, and I went looking for another attorney for my mom. I found one, too; someone to be impartial. That was Emily Miller from the CVLAP (Crime Victim's Legal Assistance Project. They are paid for by the State to right wrongs done to victims like my mom.) Ms. Miller left a phone message with me saying: “Hi Mr. Asplund. This is Emily Miller with legal aid. I want you to know that I reached out to your mothers attorney, and he indicated that he does still represent her, and that he was going out to visit her. Uh, because she is represented by counsel, I cannot contact her, at, uh, she already has an attorney.”

But the Register of actions didn't show Carmody ever being re-appointed, so it appears that Carmody lied to Ms. Miller in order to keep control, and judge Owdziej covered it up.

We raised it in court when our trial to remove Georgette David as guardian and Kathleen Carter as conservator was starting. Judge Owdziej refused to replace Carmody, even though he was acting against his client and she wanted someone else who would advocate for her.

The worst of Carmody was when his client was taken from her home by force, without true cause. The guardian and conservator needed to get her out in order to sell her home that she built to live her life out in. It was the only way they would get paid for being on her case. Poor Roberta Asplund, she was verbally assaulted by a caregiver that morning, and the guardian's response was not to protect her, but to use that as an excuse to claim she was so insane, and that she would need hospitalization and treatment for mental illness!

So Georgette David, in an unscrupulous act of fraud, went before judge Owdziej with a falsified petition for that. Judge Owdziej could see it wasn't made out properly, but she supported and defended it anyway, even when we claimed it was part of Real Estate fraud. Mom was immediately cleared by the doctors and they wanted to send her home, but Ms. David & Ms. Carter's whole agenda was to get her out so they could take the value of her home for themselves, and so of course judge Owdziej totally supported that in every action, through hearings and by denial of petitions and motions by family to protect Roberta.

With no required hearing to commit her, and no doctor saying she needed hospitalization, Georgette David hid my mom in a mental facility so she could not be used against her in the upcoming trial to remove Ms. David & Ms. Carter. Carmody did NOTHING to protect his client. He didn't file anything. He still does nothing. And judge Owdziej knew all of this. She continued to protect the interests of the guardian and conservator, refused to release my poor mom from isolation, and refused to order any protections of her, or her home, or possessions until things could be straightened out. Carmody stood by, not only watching them destroy his client, but doing all he could to make sure it happened. That's what happens when a judge owns the attorney. All of this is true. So what does that tell you about judge Julia Owdziej's commitment to honesty, integrity, law, and justice? This monster is in charge of PROTECTING people from people she supports.

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