This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.



The movement to clean-up the Washtenaw Probate Court by Impeaching Judge Julia Owdziej is now in the second week, so still in its infancy. But the reasons continue to flow, and the movement is growing .

Right to Representation: One of our most important rights is that we are all supposed to be able to have an attorney of our choice to serve as our advocate in court. Terrible things can happen if one is not allowed that right. And Michigan Court Rule MCR 5.732(B) actually states: “Duties. The attorney must serve as an advocate for the individual's preferred position.”

But what do you do if a judge is SO CORRUPT that she appoints attorneys who are expected by the judge to intentionally throw the case? How can you have justice when the court is TRYING to make sure you get exploited?

Enter two attorneys who were appointed for Roberta Asplund. Let's start with Samuel Bernstein of ArborYpsi Law (Not the famous one from TV). Roberta had a medical procedure that put her down long enough for judge Owdziej to step in and strip her of her rights and give complete care, custody, and control to appointees of her court. But Roberta healed, and sought legal recourse to get out of an abusive guardianship and conservatorship. So with me acting as her arms & legs to get it delivered and paid for, she filed to Modify the guardianship and conservatorship, exercising her legal right to be the one to nominate a willing and suitable guardian and conservator by just replacing the court appointed attorneys with her trusted son, -me.

This was her right by statute: MCL 700: 5306a (1) “An individual for whom a guardian is sought or has been appointed under section 5306 has all of the following rights: MCL 700.5306a(1)(d) “To have legal counsel of his or her own choice represent him or her on the petition to appoint a guardian, as provided in sections 5303, 5304, and 5305.” and MCL 700. 5306a(1)(x) “To the same rights on a petition for modification or termination of the guardianship including the appointment of a visitor as apply to a petition for appointment of a guardian, as provided in section 5310.”

Part of the scam is that being in conservatorship means that the victim has no access to their money to hire an attorney. That's when judge Owdziej appointed Bernstein. When they got to Roberta's hearing the conservator started by saying this wasn't a hearing to change who was doing the guardianship and conservatorship, it was a hearing to Remove them for Cause. Despite Roberta's petition being for the former, not the later, Bernstein not only agreed to that, but made almost no effort to prove cause, and in his closing argument he actually complimented the guardian and conservator on what a fine job they were doing! Because of Mr. Bernstein selling out his client to appease this court, Roberta eventually lost everything she owned and her family was irreparably destroyed.

In a later court action where Roberta wished to defend her interests, the court appointed attorney attorney Patrick Carmody. This guy was even worse. He actively sought to sabotage his client's preferred position by working in favor of the persons his client wanted to be rid of. And that is the subject of the next installment of WHY WE MUST IMPEACH JUDGE JULIA OWDZIEJ...

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