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Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.

A Rat's Ass


More Reasons why you should help tell your State Legislators that you don't want lawless judges deciding the fate of vulnerable persons! Yes, THAT is what this is about.

Judge Owdziej proved over and over that she doesn't care about the rule of law. What she does care about is appointing Professional Guardians and Conservators who are attorneys of her court. And those are the people who directly destroy the victim and the family. How? Go to:

Today's example is about how Owdziej ignores the law to take control. The law recognizes that most of the time the family are the logical choice to take care of the vulnerable, especially the elderly. It costs less, so the person can stay in their home longer with loved ones. But guardians and conservators charge outrageously high fees. The law says the court will only let them charge a “reasonable fee.” But instead, they charge upwards of $125/hour. (in some crooked courts, some “pet” attorneys are allowed to charge as much as $600 per hour!) That means for telephone calls, accounting, social work, emailing you. All of it.

The law says the judge isn't allowed to appoint a “Professional” unless there just isn't anybody else who is willing and can do it. The law also says that the choice of who gets nominated for guardian and conservator is who the individual wants. And there must be good reason that the person they want shouldn't be appointed. MCL 700.5106(2)(b).

Now in contrast, let's look at how judge Owdziej has been doing it-

She prefers to just appoint a professional. I've seen her just look over to the jury box and “just happen to notice” a professional attorney who is a guardian/conservator -and who had NO OTHER BUSINESS BEING THERE THAT DAY. And that's who she appointed. I've been told stories of Owdziej saying: We need an guardian here, go look in the hall. Oh here's a professional. And that ATTORNEY FROM HER COURT gets appointed. That is a perversion of the law, folks.

She appointed attorneys from her court when she put Bobbie Asplund into guardianship because we, her family, didn't know the law said otherwise. She never gave Bobbie an attorney, so Bobbie never got to choose. Well, Bobbie wasn't even invited to that hearing. She was at a rehab place recovering very well from a surgery.

But a month later, Bobbie filed to change from the people who Owdziej appointed (MCL 700.5306a & MCL 700.5409). Owdziej just didn't want to follow the law. There was no way she'd allow the vultures to be removed. Later, realizing that family was put up a fight to save Bobbie, the first conservator (Ann Arbor attorney Joelle Gurnoe-Adams) resigned. And judge Owdziej let her nominate her own replacement! That's a violation of law designed to protect people. (MCL 700.5409). Another professional, again, an attorney under Owdziej named Kathleen Carter. Again, the judge knew that Bobbie wanted a family member, but the judge refused her duty by law to even consider it. Her court appointed attorney not filing for that was the excuse. But that attorney, Patrick Carmody, gets his jobs from Owdziej. She's appointed him for over 300 helpless people in less than 3 years. He doesn't advocate for what his client wants any more than the rest.

Then what? When Bobbie's family filed to remove the guardian and conservator for cause. We have alleged corruption, Real Estate and Financial Fraud, Wrongful Imprisonment, Criminal Falsification of a Petition for Hospitalization and Treatment for Mental Illness, and Elder Abuse, the court appointed attorney worked to help the bad guys against Bobbie. The judge decided not to replace them, as she should have during the trial. She approved the guardianship in the middle of the trial, and when the guardian, attorney Georgette David wanted to resign (which the judge said she did not want her to do), then judge Owdziej would appoint another professional! The judge claimed NONE of Bobbie's family or friends were suitable!

And the result of that? Poor Bobbie lost everything, her home, her personal possessions, and her family relationships. All because judge Owdziej allowed Georgette David and Kathleen Carter to do whatever they wanted, regardless of law or lack of need, and despite accusation that they were acting criminally!

Get Owdziej the HELL off the bench! Write to your Michigan House Representatives and State Senators. Tell them she needs to be removed before she destroys more lives for no reason than her own power and greed. See Bobbie's story on the web site.

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