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Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.

Today's Reason to Impeach Judge Owdziej-

BIAS. And we're not just talking about common subconscious preferences getting in the way. This judge knows the outcome of a trial before you even give testimony. Her decisions are based on agenda, not justice.

Why the Janus image? Because like Janus, judge Owdziej has two faces. One face pretends to care about law, and her Dr. Jekyll face cares nothing whatsoever about law, justice, or protecting senior citizens from thieves. Maybe you might ask her why, if you ever meet her.

For example: Roberta Asplund's family were trying desperately to get the court to free her from seclusion in a locked down mental facility where her guardian, Georgette David stuck her for the duration of the trial to remove Ms. David and Kathleen Carter. Ms. David even testified in court and wrote in her Annual Report that my mom didn't have any mental need to be in there.

Well I petitioned to have her released back home, and her property property and possessions protected by court Order. After all, the guardian & conservator were on trial to be removed for cause. In fact, I asked the court any times to do this. Mom's brother, a retired judge, also petitioned for that.

The judge denied every petition and motion to release mom and to prevent the conservator from getting rid of her things and trying to sell the house. When we asked IN COURT she would always say: “I'm not going to make an order on that. Mom would beg, saying at her age she should not have to wait so long to be freed. Mom didn't understand that this judge never had any intention of freeing her, and every intention to let Kathleen Carter strip her of everything she owned. After a lot of us asking judge Owdziej to release mom and to protect her home and possessions, all Carter had to do was simply ask if she could clear the house to sell it. And after saying she wouldn't make any orders, the judge suddenly reverses and gives Carter permission. Carter then gets rid of everything in the house, and never ever accounts for where any of it went! What makes it ever so transparent is that this happened in February. Carter didn't even file to get permission to sell the house until July! Here's your proof:

Our first hearing:

1/3/2019: Randy Asplund: “I have petitioned in the past on the grounds that any delay would cause irreparable harm to my mother in that there’s an intention to sell her property and to seclude her and as we have just seen, uh, the guardian has not followed through on her responsibility to produce my mother here and, uh, the -- the fact that my mother actually asked my cousin to become the guardian is not being addressed. It seems to me --

THE COURT: I’m addressing it --

MR. ASPLUND: -- that according to procedure --

THE COURT: -- all -- I’m addressing it all at trial. So, Mr. -- if that wasn’t picked up on the record, Mr. Asplund’s, uh, indicating, uh, his objection to his petition not being heard. I’m not hearing the testimony on anyone’s petition today. I’m setting that for trial. Ms. Asplund not being here. I realize that. I’m not making any decision today. Uh, so I’m not –

MR. ASPLUND: Will you at least –

THE COURT: I’m finding it hard --

MR. ASPLUND: -- put in protections?

THE COURT: -- to -- to remedy that would be 12 another hearing on the Thursday morning docket just for it to then be set for a hearing as well. So, uh, it -- it’s just going to delay things additionally if we adjourn it for her to be here at this part of the hearing to then just set an evidentiary hearing again later is just going to be a delay.

MR. ASPLUND: Will you at least, uh, provide protections against the sale of her estate and, uh -- uh, assure that she will be brought to court so that, uh, she can address these things herself? And will you allow interested parties to be in contact with her in order to discuss the matter with her so that she can be informed and express her wishes?

THE COURT: Uh, I’m not gonna put any or – orders in place without, uh, her here today.

Same hearing: Regarding Roberta's brother's petition, the Hon. Ralph More-

THE COURT: Mr. More’s petition remains hanging there. He’s not -- well, that having filed a petition, uh, for it, it is denied without prejudice at this point. He’s not filed a fee to get it on the docket. So, we’ll just add to the one order, uh, the 12-18-18 --

MR. ASPLUND: May we please know the reasons for denying the protections requested ?

THE COURT: -- petition filed by Honorable Ralph More. Uh, this one is just denied without prejudice. He’s not paid to get them on the docket. Uh, and frankly, the filings don’t comport with the court rules as well. So that one’s denied.

But judge Owdziej was speaking falsely. We had the receipt, and it was filed comporting to the court rules. He just wanted his sister to be protected.

2/4/2019: Asking again-

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: Judge, she is admittedly in an Alzheimer’s and dementia ward locked down without cause.


MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: The guardian has admitted such in her own annual report. It seems unfair to Roberta.

THE COURT: Okay, Mr. Asplund, every --

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: All my records --

THE COURT: Ms. Asplund --

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: -- and my research and everything is in my home.

THE COURT: Ms. Asplund, I’m aware that you want that. We’re just not finished with the witnesses. So, we just have to go in order of witnesses.

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: It’s taken a whole year already.

THE COURT: I know that.

MS. ROBERTA ASPLUND: Of my life which is shorter.


MS. CARTER: Your Honor, as conservator, there are things that I need to take care of in terms of the home, in terms of cleaning and clearing the home. And, right now I feel that any -- anything I do is going to be placed under scrutiny despite the fact that we have a severe cash shortage right now.

THE COURT: I think any -- what I have is a petition to amend, not a petition to terminate. So, you can do whatever you think financially appropriate for her between now and then. I can’t say he’s -- Mr. Asplund’s not going to disagree with that.

MS. CARTER: Certainly.

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: Your Honor, I believe you do have –

THE COURT: But, if you’re --

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: You do have a petition to termination from his Honor Judge Ralph More. THE COURT: No, that was never filed -- correctly filed.

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: Please if you would, please check with your clerks. The error will be revealed.

THE COURT: Nope it has not been properly filed. I have two petition -- Mr. More has not participated in any of these hearings. So, his petition is not before me. I have two petitions to amend. So, you may continue to act what you believe is in Ms. Asplund’s best interest regarding the conservator matters between now and whenever this matter is resolved.

MS. CARTER: Thank you, Your Honor.

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: Your Honor, if she sells the home my mother will have no place to go after she’s released from this guardian.

THE COURT: All right.

MR. RANDALL ASPLUND: This would be a destructive catastrophic event in her life.

THE COURT: Thank you. We’ll see folks back April first at 9:00.

What Kathleen Carter is NOT telling you is that she is funding the balance after mom's ENTIRE income, about $3,500/month from her own pocket to isolate Roberta in the mental facility so we can't talk to her about our case. THAT's why money is short. And the only way Carter can get paid her many tens of thousands of dollars she is charging my poor mom is to sell the house.

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