This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.


Hey, are you people alive? Are you paying attention? YOU ARE IN DANGER LOCALLY! I'm not posting this because I just don't like this judge. This is a public service, backed up with real documentation. I'm a thoughtful, educated person, and I'm telling you, this is a very serious matter.


This judge has seen my mom in court a whole bunch of times.

My mom has made speeches, spoken reason about what she wants for her life, and complained that her court appointed attorney, her guardian and her conservator are not representing her wants and needs. Yet judge Owdziej treats her like a child, ignoring her or humoring her, and then ruling against her.

The judge has seen how frail my mom is physically.

The judge knows of the actions of the guardian and conservator to sell mom's house out from under her, despite the fact that she could live there if the guardian and conservator weren't cheating her.

Mom asked my cousin Alexis More to file to become guardian and conservator. The very day after Alexis filed, the guardian went to judge Owdziej with an emergency ex parte petition to remove her from home by force to be assessed for Mental Illness, and treated. The law says an ex parte has to generate a real hearing within 2 weeks or the decision is void.

The guardian made no attempt whatsoever to seek the required clinical certificate before appearing in court, in secret.. The guardian left important parts of the petition blank on purpose so family would not know what was happening, and apparently, that was fine with this judge. The reasons that guardian Georgette David swore she witnessed which were her reasons to believe my mom was cuckoo and a danger to herself or others were:

She was climbing on boxes/furniture (her testimony changed in court), that this weak, tiny woman picked up a big chair and threw it at her caregiver (not physically possible), mom is crazy because she wanted to hang drapes (the guardian had all drapes removed on the only floor mom had to live on, so she had no privacy), that mom ha the audacity to speak on the phone with her son for long calls, that she was not obeying orders from caregivers (who had no right to order her), and the big one: mom was crazy because she was upset THAT DAY. Yes, she was upset. She had just suffered serious verbal abuse by the caregiver ordered by Georgette David! It generated a police call. I would have been upset, too.

Well, judge Owdziej let the guardian have her Order as if everything she said was true, though it was obviously false.

Judge Owdziej made wrongful explanations on the record about why it was legal to do that.

Judge Owdziej let spoke falsehoods on the record saying the guardian never filed a petition, it was just a pick-up order for evaluation, but that was also untrue:

THE COURT: “And, for the record, Ms. More, so the record’s clear, a petition was never filed for a hearing here. The initial -- there was an initial pickup order for an evaluation that did not result in a petition being filed here. So, to say that she had a right to a hearing ...”

THE WITNESS: “Oh, I have felt --”

THE COURT: “There was never a petition asking that a mental health order enter. “

But the record is clear. The judge's statement on the record was pure bullshit. The document the guardian filed that day specifically WAS a petition (as the form says), and it specifically asked for hospitalization! So either judge Owdziej is so grossly incompetent that she should not be on the bench, or she is lying specifically to leave a false understanding on the record for the Court of Appeals (I'll revisit false statements to mislead the Court f Appeals later). Does it matter?

And what was the result of the judge letting Ms. David get away with this? My mom lost everything in life she cared about. Everything that made life worth living- Family, freedom, her home, her professional legacy and personal possessions, all gone because of this act “to protect her.”

Two doctors at the UofM Emergency Psych dept. cleared Bobbie, and the hospital wanted to discharge her home. Ms. David refused to discharge her, kept her at the hospital 12 days until she committed her to a mental facility anyway. No doctor saying she need it, no hearing, and no court order. And when family objected by filing to remove Ms. David and Ms. Carter for cause, this judge did everything she could to protect them and keep Bobbie Asplund or her family from being able to do anything about it. Let me be really clear: It is no exaggeration or misinformation to state emphatically that Judge Owdziej enabled and supported the guardian and conservator as they intentionally destroyed my mother's life for financial gain. This is no “defamation” or libel. These are facts in public record for anybody to see. Petitions to release her from isolation lock-down were denied without hearings, as were petitions to use the lawful right of a litigant to speak with her about the case.

Are you mad yet? Are you afraid? You should be. If this can happen to an outstanding citizen like Bobbie Asplund after a lifetime of generous public service, it can happen to YOU.

Next time we'll get into how this judge denies people the right to an attorney of their choice.

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