This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.


MORE REASONS TO IMPEACH JUDGE OWDZEIJ: So far you''ve seen that judge Owdziej doesn't feel that she has a responsibility to follow the rules, how about some more examples?

A woman named Rebecca Darwin was brought before judge Owdziej after being examined by only one doctor and it was determined that she needed to be hospitalized for mental issues (case 18-000178-JA ). The problem is that “some” doctors are on the take, so in Michigan you need to have TWO doctors. Judge Owdziej has no degree in psychiatry, yet she acts like she does. She committed Ms. Darwin in violation of the law anyway.

Well, maybe Ms. Darwin needed it and maybe she didn't. So let's look at another case. My mom, Roberta “Bobbie” Asplund was “adjudicated” without medical evidence saying she wouldn't recover from a recent surgery, to be mentally incapacitated in December 2017. Well, duh! She had just suffered a full month of hydrocephalus (fluid build-up under the skull which puts pressure on the brain and you lose the ability to think. You become like a zombie. She couldn't eat, so she became very malnourished. That put her body chemistry off, causing hallucinations.

But she had corrective surgery, and started to show healing 2 weeks afterwards. Her surgeon said she was in the upper 10% of recovery for her age and had a wonderful prognosis. But it was too late. The court already had it's hooks in her. She was examined by ONE doctor at a rehabilitation facility exactly 2 weeks after brain surgery. That doctor facility had no clue about herprognosis and said so. Yet judge Owdziej went ahead and appointed a full guardian and full conservator, and ever since mom recovered, judge Owdziej has refused all petitions to reconsider the Mental Incapacity verdict.

I took mom to her regular doctor who gave her a basic test used to see if there were any “red flags” about her cognition that meant she should be examined more closely. The doctor found NONE of the reasons used by law to declare someone mentally incapacitated. The doctor indicated that on the official State Of Michigan court form, and also stated that my mom was appropriate for her age. Yet judge Owdziej wouldnt hear anything on that.

What does the law say that judge Owdziej is supposed to follow? It says that to find someone Mentally Incapacitated you need “clear and convincing evidence.” And the law for it being reversed is the same. If they can't show clear and convincing evidence, then you get your rights back. According to a prominent Michigan guardianship attorney, I now had the evidence which was entirely sufficient medical opinion contradicting the MI status. That amount of “doubt” is supposed to be all that is needed to free her.

That is, unless you are in judge Owdziej's court. As an interested party without an attorney, I made an oral motion to hear my brand new evidence. Jude Owdziej ignored me. Didn't even acknowledge me. That would have allowed my mom to escape before her appointed fiduciaries could strip her of her entire estate and her personal possessions. So judge Owdziej appointed mom an attorney, Patrick Carmody, and Mr. Carmody proceeded to derail every attempt I made to hear the case for her to be released . He gets way worse, and I'll save that for another point about Impeaching Owdziej. But I distinctly remember Carmody telling me the judge wouldn't listen to the opinions of University of Michigan doctors. He said you had to get some guy that Carmody knew the judge would listen to. And what do you know, that one guy contradicted 4 UofM doctors. Mom couldn't get free, and in less than 2 years lost everything. Six months after Carmody was appointed, they took mom out of her home and stuck her in a mental facility with no court order and no doctor saying she needed it. Carmody did nothing, but that's another story.....

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