This page is here to provide the public with factual information about the "alleged" judicial misconduct of judge 


Washtenaw County, MI. Probate Court, in order that the public becomes aware of reasons to request and support her
By the MIchigan Legislature.


Let's start with a smaller one and work upwards. Washtenaw Probate judge Julia Owdziej is happy to defend the attorneys she appoints as guardian or conservator by choosing which court rules to follow and which not to follow. When I started my case, I had a terrible time finding a local attorney who would go up against this judge. I finally found an attorney in Lansing in March 2019. But I had filed to remove Georgette David as guardian and Kathleen Carter as conservator back on Nov. 13, 2018. I did everything possible to learn how to run the case myself, because I had no choice.

I'm a quick study, but Judge Owdziej used my lack of training in law against me by refusing to rule that BOTH of these attorneys had been late filing their responses to my complaint. By Michigan court rules, late Responses are treated as “admitted.” So on Jan. 3, 2019, our first day in court, judge Owdziej said she would not disqualify their Responses. She claimed my own complaints were not comporting to the Court rules on how they were written, stating such things as being long and under 12 point type. They were long, but the complaints were voluminous. And no, they were in 12 pt. But the law actually says I can just write a informal letter for this, so I had actually written MORE to court standard than I needed. It was a BS an excuse to defend the people she appointed. Pure bias for a predetermined outcome.

Eventually I found an attorney, and in her first hearing (4/1/19) my new attorney told the court that both David and Carter had again violated court rules by sending responses after deadline (a tactic to obstruct the lawyer from having time to respond appropriately). And that's when judge Julia Owdziej came right out with saying she didn't need to follow court rules:

Well, Mr. Asplund’s in a hard spot to ask me to follow court rules, the letter of the law of the court rules.” April 1, 2019.

So I ask you people of Washtenaw, do you find it acceptable that a judge who has the power to destroy the lives senior and other vulnerable citizens, and who has the power to defend the fiduciaries whom they appointed when they are accused of destructive abuse, fraud, and exploitation, is so bold as to announce in court that she doesn't have to follow the Michigan Court Rules or the Letter of the Law? IS THAT A JUDGE THAT YOU WANT? Where is the rule of law when a judge won't support it?

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